Projects I'm working on

These are mostly fun. :)

Web projects

Static websites

I’ll be honest here. During my painful transition from a protected-by-company knowledge worker (big salary, health insurance!) to a homeless freelancer travelling the places in the most need of me I have to do some of these, because are kind of “finish me fast” projects. (Good scenario: you can finish them in a couple of hours. Bad: they steal your time x10 vs what was expected. Mostly because of previous authors that didn’t have any sense of beauty. Haha…)

These are: a lot of frontend work and a little bit of Netlify configuration (now these small beasties are called JAMstack websites and are very popular, because of free cheese hosting provided by generous companies like Netlify and Github).

  • BearWithMe - GitHub (Gatsby.js) - site for an imaginary company providing rental services of therapy bears :) Kind of like “bring your dog to the office”. But that’s a BEARRR! Made with Gatsby.js, hosted on Netlify.
  • Focus tools - GitHub - (Gatsby.js + Netlify) - “curated collection” (x10 to usefulness!) of the tools helping you gain and maintain focus while you do your best work. Inspired by Cal Newport and his “Deep Work” work (probably the best book I’ve read in an age!)
  • Get first client - GitHub - (Gatsby.js + Netlify) - OK, this one needs a deuglifier urgently also an imaginary company that allows a fellow new freelancer to work under its supervision while he’s gaining first experience and clients. (For a small fee, obviously!)

Browser extensions

  • Infinitimer - OK, this is also a static website, haha - yet another goddamn Pomodoro timer, yes, but this time it… doesn’t stop. Why bother? Because it lets you start working and use all the momentum you can get to achieve the best results. (I plan to add some new features in November 2019, so please stay tuned!)

Desktop tools