Open-sourcerer's journey start

Imagine that! I’ve written my post about Summer of giving back on Monday and on Tuesday I had a talk with my colleague (for the record: Petr P.). I’ve briefly mentioned, that I’d like to contribute to open source and… guess what? He offered me a perfect opportunity!

He knows a guy, who’s one of the core devs of Yii framework (PHP MVC fw) and he said, that this guy is one of the best team leaders he ever knew. And boy is it an opportunity for me to learn, how to participate in development of big open source apps while contributing to an interesting project!

I’m really happy about that and very much looking forward to play with Yii (“Yes, it is!” :-) )

Also (somewhat related):

  • yesterday I’ve sent my very first pull request (even if a test one) and finally figured out, how it’s done (reading tutos != practicing)
  • we’ve started a project with my friends, also open source. It will be … surprisingly enough, monitoring dashboard! Yet another. Hence the name: YAFD — Yet Another Fucking Dashboard. But I strongly suspect there will be a daemon too. We aim to make it a good monitoring dashboard able to pull the data from multiple sources and make informed decisions on what to display (and what to hide)
Published 3 Apr 2019

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