If you were your own boss, how would you motivate yourself?

My personal goals

I’ve started the journey to remote and left behind a lot of things, namely:

  • manager who’s there to facilitate my work
  • colleagues to talk with
  • “another place”, where I can work

What is this for? To get a few amazing opportunities:

  • travel more
  • live in the places you care about
  • do my best work when I feel better (namely, early at morning) (and not imitate work when I feel bad) (and stop working, when I’m tired)
  • spend more time with my loved ones
  • avoid wasting time commuting

Common tips

  • Just finish anything. Take a really small task and “get the ball rolling”. Huge tasks can be daunting. Avoid that. Decompose your tasks till you’re happy to start working right now.
  • Divide work and home, even if virtually. Work in one room, rest in the other. And keep a routine - shower, getting dressed, breakfast, work, exercise, work, go out with friends. Like this, but not “work from bed 1 - 8pm and then go out”.
  • Exercise to decompress.

Something else

I think, the list is incomplete, so I wonder, what might be a good thing to add into this list? What helps you?

Btw, guess why I’ve taken the time to write this article? I have some work to do! And I guess now I will start. :)

P.S. About the title. It’s a real Google query! I wonder, who are the persons asking this kind of questions.

Published 6 Apr 2019

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