On the importance of people around

On Friday I’ve joined my former colleagues at Badoo for Halloween celebration, for the first time in ~6 months. And that was such a rollercoaster emotioinally. Because I’ve suddenly understood, that I’ve missed them just SO MUCH.

Because I don’t care about:

  • free coffee
  • free lunches
  • health insurance
  • t-shirts with pink logos (I hate everything pink anyway)

But the only thing I care about is: my (former) colleagues. My friends. Katya, Yulia (now working for Skyeng though), Zhenya, Vova (looking thru the camera as they’re in London now), Dima, Lesha.

I was so happy to see them all again.

And so unhappy to leave.

(Because this summer was so rich in experiences, that there’s the world of difference between me-from-April and the current me. And the current me would appreciate the opportunity to work with these guys once again very much.

But that’s a whole other story and I’m planning to stay at a current workplace for a while, because it’s a great place too and it’s in Zelenograd. And the guys are very cool. They’re the true masters. I have a world of learning from them ahead.)

Crazy or something?

And then, yesterday, I was sitting with my friends (Y-s) here in Zelek. And we were discussing DevOps and something related (what exactly are Jenkins, Chef and Docker, something like that). I said: “so this guy we all know, Wombat, is using Python + Golang as well, so I’m going to invite him to work on my projects”.

And they said something like: “oh, yeah, he’s the right person for that, because he’s like you, uh… he’s actually… crazy or something? :)”

And for some reason this hit me very hard.

This harmless joke has uncovered a big pain of mine. I miss a community. My friends are evenly spread across Ufa, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Berlin and some smaller cities too. But there’s more to this…

I miss a hacker community

Hacker in the sense of Hacker culture Wikipedia article, i.e. hacker == the person who likes to deal with complex system, understand, how it works, play with it, etc. And have fun!

I actually had it at Badoo, but didn’t appreciate that much. But right now the things changed drastically. And I will go out and actively seek those meaningful connections with other hackers. Because right now I feel like one. And that means - I actually am one (or will become one day).

Because, as dlinyj once told me, we have to stick together, because I see, that you’re like us.

Back then I didn’t quite get that, so I was like, “yea, you’re right, so uh… okay”.

Boy do I get that now.

I feel that with all my goddamn heart.

We have to stick together.

Published 3 Nov 2019

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