Jordan Gonen: writing as a way to think

This guy just decided to write every day for a year. And did that for 1000+ days, if I’m not mistaken.

But here’s something remarkable:

  • his writing style has improved significantly
  • he reports, that he’s found a lot of friends (!) among his readers and the guys, that were writing “thanks for your blog” (guess what I did first, when I finished that article? yes!)
  • his website has helped a lot of people probably, because there’s not a lot of meaningful information from real people these days, sadly. Only shitty content blogs, written to earn some money from ads by paid writers. And paying by word is not a good way to produce short and concise content, actually.

And he’s stopped his writing, only when his own company has become profitable and he didn’t have time anymore to write his essays. (By the way, I don’t know, how much time it’s taken him daily, but probably not much?)

And I’m probably going to go his track and try this experiment. There’s not a lot of people subscribed to this blog anyway. If I start writing while it’s true, I have a real chance to have only the subscribers who are genuinely interested in my perspective. Which is a good thing!

So today is the day 1. :)

Published 30 Sep 2019

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