The summer of giving back

My friends have asked me a few times: what’s next and where am I heading? “Nowhere? How can that be?” So here’s my approx. plan for this summer:

  1. Get some rest, learn to live without coffee (again). Incorporate some healthy routine, like running every morning or something similar.
  2. Brush up my old portfolio, redesign it slightly using React.js (and also maybe add a new project with React Native).
  3. Learn to make open source contributions! I’ve used a ton of open source tools and still use them, I feel like it’s time to give something back. So I’m going to choose a good project to work on and invest heavily into learning and improving it.
  4. Volunteer in local communities

Now I’ll go into more details about each of these 3 things.

1. Health improvements

I’m slightly overweight now and have a sedentary lifestyle. I would (lazily!) like to change that, but I don’t really have something urgent related to that. For this reason I’m going to use gamification framework I’ve created once, to make me more interested in the process and results.

Approximate plan is the following:

  • start running (for health points)
  • start counting calories (for HP too) (I did that before, but I tend to lose interest, when I do that without significant goals in sight)
  • setup a framework to follow the goals sustainably (like the guy who invented Autocad did, he wrote the book “Hacker’s diet”, good read and esp. good in part of creating motivating visualization of your progress.
2. Portfolio projects

I have quite a lot of unfinished projects. Sadly they cannot be presented in a portfolio, because that shows you as a person, that cannot finish stuff properly. Not good for teamwork. :)

I will take those projects and pull them together and ship using best practices of ProductHunt and similar projects.

Right now I use the following tech stack in them: Javascript: React.js and just plain JS (hoping to use Typescript) PHP: Laravel framework Python: Flask microframework for web

3. Open source

I didn’t open the source of my learning projects, because I’m really vulnerable and fear negative feedback. However, recently I’ve started feeling a lot of support from friendly people. :) (Thank you, Marie and the team!) And this empowers me to do the “leap of faith” and actually share my projects and get a good feedback on them.

So I will:

  • share my existing projects
  • create new (most likely something simple, like themes for Gatsby or something like that)
  • probably create a learning project for my friends, I’ve got a lot of requests to recommend something for learning programming from zero. I’m going to create a project for them to sharpen their skills and exercise under my supervision.

Probably I will do something else that I consider helpful to the community.

4. Volunteer in local communities

They say, for remote workers staying healthy is a challenge, esp. important is mental health and it’s easy to drift from that, when you’re mostly spending time alone. I have a few good mechanisms to avoid that drift, and one of them is volunteering for local communities. Actually I got way more friends there, than I did at work, for example. So I’m going to spend my time there too. I enjoy aircraft restoration, so I’ll probably spend some of my time in the museums doing that.

Published 1 Apr 2019

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