Freelance websites: first experiments

I wonder, why these websites are as bad as they are. :)


  • Upwork is greedy. 20% freelancer fee for every contract above $500 and then 10%. Yes, it’s my platform of choice, because it’s fast, easy to use and has less spammers than other platforms.
  • is overloaded with spam and utter bullshit — “I need a developer” titles and extremely vague descriptions are a norm, not an exception.
  • Toptal is maybe good, but I never checked — they pretend to have top 3% freelancers only and I’m not ready to go through their screening process just yet. Afraid I can loose my self esteem.
  • is maybe good, but our extremely poor third world country is not supported (and never will be, I guess).

To be continued, haha…

Published 1 Mar 2019

I enjoy playing with cool tech. Freelance web dev. || Now learning: React Native || Yes, it is cool tech :)
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