Full stack developer

Note to haters

Ctrl+W, please. I’m not a salesman (sadly), so my selling texts are not as good as my scripts. Cheers!

Note to the rest of the world

I can help, if you need to:

  • create anything on web, from a simple portfolio or blog to sophisticated webservice (I’ve already made a few, check them here)

Modern, highly customizable websites for your business

Wordpress? Sure. JAMstack? No problem. Everything can and will be configured properly and work fine. (Sounds too good to be true? It is. Sometimes there are things we can’t overcome, but then we’ll do our best to fix the issue ASAP and ensure minimum impact on your business metrics and - more importantly - clients.)

Features and fixes for existing websites

I can support an existing website. My preferred frameworks are:

  • Gatsby.js
  • Nuxt.js and Vue.js
  • Jekyll
  • Flask (Python microframework for web development)
  • Wordpress (I know a lot of things about it that I’d prefer to forget, but as I know them, it’s nice to do something about it)


I can write

  • autotests
  • scripts for CI/CD

Setup and configuration

Do you need a Linux server? And a properly configured one? I can set one up for you and configure:

  • LAMP/LEMP/MERN stack

Portfolio v2.0

I like radical honesty. For this reason my next portfolio will have a list of skills with attempts to prove those skills (as well as I can).

Search-optimized portfolio

(in fact, HR-optimized!)

Frontend skills


Backend skills

Programming languages


DevOps skills

Programming languages


So here are some projects I’ve made using these awesome achievements of humanity, haha.


  • %project1% - %project1_desc%


  • %project2 - %project2_desc%


No achievements so far, but I’m looking into it; will be up in no time… oops, sorry. :D